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Meta Tags – Why are they Important for Google?

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meta tags for Blog SEOThe meta tags are a minor aspect for the optimisation of a website, but you must pay much attention in their compilation because often if poorly managed they can damage your search engine results (SERPs).

Here’s how Google interprets and uses the meta tag:


The title is not really a meta tag, but since it plays a fundamental role in indexing I thought I’d put it in this mini-guide. It identifies the title of the page that is shown on the results page. If it’s missing or duplicated in several pages this may damage the visibility of the page.

The meta description is used primarily with “Snippets” i.e. the description below the title in the SERPs. It is clear that, although in a limited way, the meta description affects the results of research, so it’s important to include in this meta the keywords that characterise the page. It is equally important to create sentences makes sense to entice browsers to click on your link and not that of a competitor.


The meta robots do not affect the ranking of the site, but may, if present, inhibit the indexing of pages or entire folders of the site.

Possible tags:

  • noindex: prevents the page being indexed
  • nofollow: prevents the search engine to index the pages linked from the page in question
  • nosnippet: prevents the description of being displayed on the results page
  • noarchive: prevents Google from showing the cached version of the page
  • unavailable_after: [date]: lets you define the date when you will stop indexing the page
  • noimageindex: impossible to display the page following a search in google images


Particular attention must be paid to avoid the duplication of titles and descriptions of pages within the site. The presence of duplicates will hurt you search results because it will impact the ranking of the domain itself.

To check quickly whether there are duplicates (especially in dynamic sites) you can use the appropriate function within Google Webmaster Tools.

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