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The Blogger Interviews: Rebecca Goodyear from Biteable Beauty

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Rebecca GoodyearIt’s high time we published another blogger interview and checking through my inbox I see the lovely Rebecca Goodyear has kindly sent in her responses to our usual questions.

Rebecca writes the Biteable Beauty blog and while I can’t say I’m a regular beauty blog reader (OK no jokes that I need to be) it doesn’t take too much time on her blog to see she knows her onions. I particularly like the honest approach to how good for your health some cosmetics and the chemicals within them can be. It’s not all avocado and jojoba oils in there you know…

Well enough of the rambling intro. Over to Rebecca to tell us who, what, where, why….

What’s your blog called and what’s the URL?

It’s called Biteable Beauty and the web address is

What’s your blog all about ( in 20 words or less)?

Natural and organic beauty, health, fitness and wellbeing. A mix of product and treatment reviews and informative articles.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in April 2011 after my boyfriend said “you should write a blog. You know loads about all these products you do PR and marketing for.” He developed the website for me and the rest is history!

Which blog platform do you use?


Can you give an example of how blogging has enriched your life?

It’s really focused my brain not only on my career but also on educating others to make informed choices about their beauty products and lifestyle.

We’re seeing exactly what happened in America with the pharmaceutical companies here and nobody is expecting it. I want to offer a site where people can read up on beauty ingredients and their potential hazards – at the moment there are too many yes men and women who think just because some guy in a suit says these chemicals are safe they are.

It’s something I feel very passionate about and being able to share this knowledge with people offers me endless enrichment!

Are there any blogs you recommend reading and why?

(Besides my own)I like to read TechCrunch and Mashable to stay abreast of the latest tech trends and launches.I read the Huffington Post and love its variety and the calibre of features.

Beauty blogs I read include Buff Beauty, Ana Goes Green, Pampered Prince, Toxic Beauty Blog. I also like to keep up to date with what my fellow blogger friends have been up to so regularly dip into All Things Alpine, the London Flaneur, Sophie on Track and Plum Project, all of whom I’ve met at the LondonBLoggers Meetup (#LBMlive).

What three tips would you give to someone just starting out in blogging?

1. Keep it up, but don’t get stressed if you don’t have time to write as often as you’d like. It’s supposed to be fun and then moment it becomes another weekly task to do it loses it’s fun-ness, as do your posts.

2. Spelling and grammar check every time! I’m guilty of neglecting this sometimes but I always spot them on the re-read post-publishing!

3. Promote your posts well through the various social media channels – someone once told me you should spend as much time promoting your posts as you do writing them. Thankfully lots of posting and bookmarking across various sites can now be automated but nevertheless you should still take some time to give some posts a human touch!

If you could change one thing about your blog what would it be?

Whilst I’m quite happy with the theme I’m using at the moment I’d love to be able to justify a bespoke build all for me! There’s some bugs in the theme I’d like ironing out, let’s see what happens! So I guess if I could change one thing it would be to perfect how it looks.

What is the key to getting readers to your blog?

Social media, SEO written articles for organic traffic and getting myself out there and known in the natural products arena to collect a fan base!

And finally, why do you come to the London Bloggers Meetups?

I like coming to see my friends I’ve made there, listen to the talks which are usually very interesting and free drinks are always a bonus.


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