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It’s Monday morning again which can only mean one thing. Time for another Blogger Interview. This time I’ve been talking to Peter Marshall, a long time London Bloggers Meetup member and the person responsible for most of the photographs you see of our events on the page.

Peter’s an interesting character. If you’ve been to an LBM you’ve probably spoken to him and admired his camera at some point. It was only recently that I learned Peter used to be a teacher and that kind of fits, for he’s the sort of chap you feel knows his subject inside out. Every time I talk to Peter he’s been doing something interesting; whether photographing a demonstration outside an embassy, capturing the colour of a carnival, or more recently when he showed off his new blurb book on the 2012 Olympics site.

I realised when compiling this interview how long it had been since I last checked into Peter’s blogs to admire not only the photography, but the narrative too. Well worth a read if you are looking for commentary on culture, diversity, photography, life and more. Of course all of Peter’s blog posts are stitched together with Peter’s photographs.

I hope you enjoy Peter’s thoughts and make sure you say hello next time you’re at a London Bloggers Meetup. Peter will be there somewhere, probably the guy pointing a camera at you from across the room.

1. What’s your blog called and what’s the URL?

My London Diary

2. What’s your blog all about ( in 20 words or less)?

Photography. My London Diary is my own work, >Re:PHOTO looks at  wider issues as well as my own work.

3. When and why did you start blogging?

My London Dairy  started around 2000- 2002  (it isn’t quite a blog because  I don’t think  you could do what I wanted as a blog then) and  it was  intended as an art work that explored how photography could use the web.  At the time I was also writing a commercial site on photography, which later  included a blog which got over a million hits a month from around the world. After I was sacked for taking photography seriously I wanted to keep on writing about it for an audience, so >Re:PHOTO was born

4. Which blog platform do you use?

WordPress, but  I use my ISP provided version of it which limits me. Keep meaning to set it up properly…

My London Diary is simple html used to create a kind of blog.

5. Can you give an example of how blogging has enriched your life?

Meeting everyone at LBM!

But it’s also been great to meet readers who’ve really appreciated my work, particularly those photographers that I admire. I first met one of my favourites at a banquet in a castle in Poland and when I was introduced to her she threw her arms around me and hugged me.

6. Are there any blogs you recommend reading and why?

If you are a photographer Lensculture. Jim Casper is a great guy and finds some really interesting material.

7. What three tips would you give to someone just starting out in blogging?

  • Write on average a post every day
  • Always have a point of view – blogging isn’t just listing information or links
  • Study your subject, spend a lot of time reading other views on it

8. If you could change one thing about your blog what would it be?

Find a way to make it pay without compromising my relationship with readers. One thing I’ve just started is bringing out Blurb books, some of which I hope will sell – the latest is ‘Before the Olympics: The Lea Valley 1981-2000‘ with over 240 photographs

9. What is the key to getting readers to your blog?

Content. And word of mouth (also Facebook and Twitter.)

But really it’s the content that brings in the average of well over 3000 page views per day (and growing.)

10. And finally, why do you come to the London Bloggers Meetups?

I want to meet other bloggers and find out what they are doing – and hopefully get some new ideas. And the free drinks help!


Andy has been blogging since 2006 and has written about everything from great places to eat out for under a fiver, to tourist hot spots in London and his experiences in b2b marketing. He has run the London Bloggers Meetup since 2007 too.

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