Blogger Interviews: Emily, Kate and Kendall

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Our blogger interview this time is with the three ladies behind Trends with Benefits: Emily, Kate and Kendall. If you are in anyway interested in fashion and beauty TWB looks like a great read.  Not only do the three include a lot of images in their posts, but it looks like they are genuinely enjoying themselves.

Over to you ladies…

1. What’s your blog called and what’s the URL?

Trends With Benefits.

2. What’s your blog all about (in 20 words or less)?

It is a DIY, crafty blog that incorporates fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

3. When and why did you start blogging?

We started blogging in February 2012. The blog idea was initially thought up because Kendall wanted to reinvent her wardrobe and, being a student, wanted to do it on a budget. We thought it would be fun to document all of our creations, and so Trends With Benefits was born!

4. Which blog platform do you use?

We are currently using Blogger.

5. Can you give an example of how blogging has enriched your life?

Well, the three of us live to together in our university house and the fact that we now have this creative platform to work on together has definitely brought us closer. It has also given us something else to focus on that isn’t university work, and that is so refreshing (especially in our final year!).

We have also been very lucky to go to some amazing events and meet some great new people. The blogging community is truly lovely!

6. Are there any blogs you recommend reading and why?

One of our favourite fashion blogs at the moments is What Olivia Did. The way she captures the world is stunning and her blog is so varied! It is not just photos of outfits but also more lifestyle based posts with beautiful photography and funny, witty writing.

7. What three tips would you give to someone just starting out in blogging?

1. Write about what you want to write about. There is no point feeling like you have to be restricted to one thing on your blog- mix it up! Write about what you enjoy because it will come across and that is what people love in a blog.

2. Make sure your photos are good. And don’t worry, buying fancy expensive camera is not the only way to do this. Just make sure your photos are clear, big and composed well. Blogging is all about the visual.

3. ENJOY IT! Don’t write things just because you feel obliged to. Enjoy what you write and enjoy making a post, it will shine through.

8. If you could change one thing about your blog what would it be?

The layout (but we’re working on that!)

9. What is the key to getting readers to your blog?

Keep your content fresh and relevant and USE TWITTER!

10. And finally, what motivates you to keep on blogging?

Where it is taking us. We have been lucky enough to experience things we never thought we would thanks to the blog and that is really exciting!!

Also, blogging is such a nice way for the three of us to spend time together, I think that is good enough motivation as any.


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