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If you blog about this, you will create many jobs according to Sooqini’s Tiago Mateus…

Over the last few years we have seen the sharing economy take off in the UK, particularly in areas of high inefficiency with underutilised assets. Airbnb for properties, eBay for goods and ParkatmyHouse for parking spaces, are already well recognized by many. In 2013 the sharing economy is now extending to a more intangible, yet invaluable asset: time.

On average UK residents have become busier, yet the value of their time has risen significantly. According to the Telegraph over 100 years ago the average sleeping time was 9.2 hours – today it is 6.9 hours. In addition the average person in the UK earns more than we used to. With less sleep, we also have more stress and less care for our health. According to Business Matters Magazine, stress costs Britain £3.7bn per year with more than 13 million risking mental health problems. On top of this, with social media and the internet, more people procrastinate.

sooqiniSooqini was created to address UK’s time-crunch and manage time more wisely for millions of the UK public.

Sooqini, simply, is a task marketplace: using an online and mobile application you can outsource any of your “to-do” list to trusted members of your local community on your terms – price, place and time. Growing quickly to almost 10,000 individuals and small businesses signed up, and the support of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), Sooqini is changing how people get things done.

While Sooqini is saving Londoners already a few hours in the day, it is also generating thousands of new jobs for others that have more time and multiple skills to offer.

Making money can be easy as doing someone’s groceries, teaching someone how to cook, assembling some IKEA furniture, teaching someone how to play squash, cleaning or delivering a meal. With Sooqini, anyone can extra money around their schedule, and build a reputation with ratings and feedback to be more employable.

We hope London bloggers take notice of this trend and help raise critical awareness of task marketplaces like Sooqini. As one task is a job for someone else, we can collectively create many jobs and help the UK economy get back on its feet.

Guest post from Tiago Mateus, Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer of Sooqini.


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